‌Madhu dravyam Multi floral honey | Forest honey | Organic, Unprocessed, unheated, natural | Raw honey 300 gm

Price: ₹185.00
(as of Dec 07,2021 02:54:36 UTC – Details)

‌Madhu Dravyam Multi Floral Honey is smooth, Fragrance, perfectly sweet, and irresistibly delicious natural source of energy The golden nectar sustainably collected from the Himalayan forests, where flowering trees and plants grow in abundance Our organic Honey is naturally complete with healthful minerals and nutrients and perfect for adding sweetness to your life Organic Honey naturally trends to crystalline Liquify by placing the bottle in warm water: Do not refrigerate

This Multi floral honey is helpful to maintain proper weight
This multi-floral honey is natural and raw, unprocessed
This forest honey is unheated
Made in India

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