allspice organica – chilli powder – 100 gm

Price: ₹299.00 - ₹99.00
(as of Nov 27,2021 02:35:23 UTC – Details)

Handpicked homestead produce is sourced from organic Chilli farmers of Guntur, Andra Pradesh. No GMOs, chemicals, or pesticides added. No oil is extracted from spices to make powder. Taste profile of spice powder is retained by the presence of natural spice oils.
It adds vibrancy, brightens the colour and enhances the flavor. Chilies are essential in Indian cuisine as it gives subtle spicy flavor, especially to the gravies their vibrant crimson colour. Adds the perfect flavor to any Indian food like chutneys, curries, and sauces.
Chilli wholes are carefully harvested, washed 2-3 times and sun-dried. Spice powder in small batches and hygienically packed to preserve the rich flavor and taste. We make sure you get the highest quality, safe Chilli powder, just like our grandmothers used to make at home.
Storage instructions: Chilli powder should be exposed to direct sunshine every now and again to freshen it, or it will naturally grow small white patches. After opening, carefully close the jar and store it in a clean, dry environment. If stored properly, Chilli powder can last up to a year.

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