Cupid’s Canopy Eucalyptus Honey 500gms ‘ Natural Unprocessed Unpasteurized’ from Eucalyptus Flowers

Price: ₹400.00 - ₹350.00
(as of Jan 26,2022 14:29:21 UTC – Details)

HONEY : Many processed & adulterated honeys have replaced its original form & taste from our lives. We bring to you pure, unprocessed, delectable mono floral & multi floral honey. Each one is unparallel in flavour/ aroma/ colour/ texture/ sweetness/ medicinal properties due to different floral source. Its been long used in Ayurvedic health care as internal and external applications. We extract honey weeks later of capping & do not pasteurize it so that beneficial compounds are not compromised, thus our honey may crystallize. * We beekeepers can’t be grateful enough to honeybees who are the only insect to produce food for human consumption. We practice ethical & scientific beekeeping & domesticate bees in wooden bee boxes and choose superior foraging fields & orchards for them. As pollinators, they are responsible for nearly 1/3rd of food production on earth. * Choose honey over any other sweetner. Stir into green tea/ mocktails, spread onto toast, salad dressings, drizzle on fruits/ yogurt/ porridge/ pancakes/ desserts etc. * Please recycle this beautiful glass bottle and help creating less trash. Our courier packing has been well thought, environmental friendly & we recycle packing material. .
Medium sweet in taste & a pleasing amber tone. No artificial flavour/ aroma/ colour/ preservatives/ additives used.
Honey crystallization is a natural phenomenon. It is safe and healthy to consume as is and it can be decrystallized. There is no sugar adulteration in our honey.
Treats : decongestion due to cough / cold, respiratory problems, sprained ligaments / tendons & stiff muscles.
Prepared by domesticated bees from nectar & pollen found in eucalyptus flora. Our bees are not raised on antibiotics, we practice ethical beekeeping.