Kerala Natural Spices Big Size 7mm Whole/Elachi/ELakkay/ Cardamom 500gm

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Cardamom, also popularly known as Elaichi in India, considered as the queen of spices being the most flavored and most used spice in the kitchen. It’s a common ingredient in Indian cuisine. The green pods, also known as “true cardamom,” have the characteristics most recognized as cardamom flavor having a herbal warmth like fragrance. The seeds have a warm, slightly pungent, and highly aromatic flavour. However, this little spice, has a lot more to offer than simply flavour. For centuries, it has been used in traditional medicine to relieve a multitude of illnesses. These tiny pods of cardamom enclose not just a strong characteristic flavour, but also loads of health benefits. Cardamom originally came from wild plants located in the Western Ghats(the mountain range in Kerala) in Southern India. Green cardamom is one of the most expensive spices by weight. However, since it has such a strong flavor a little goes a long way. It has the power to enliven a baked good, to provide a lush backbone to cup after cup of milky, sweet tea, and to temper heat with a mellow hint of something in bloom. Spicy Carte supplying dried Cardamom in its actual green colour and available according to their grade 6-7mm. “Spicy Carte-Green Cardamom” is a product which is Straight From selected Farmers of Idukki district, Kerala To our valuable Customers with grade 6-7mm. Keep in a cool and dry place for longer life and quality. Tip: Chew on a pod of elaichi after every meal. It’s a way to help keep our breath minty and to help clean our teeth.

Dried Green coloured cardamom is one of the most expensive spices by weight.
Cardamom is an all natural spice that is used for sweetening dishes, as well as adding flavor to coffee and tea.
No artificial coloures and preservatives 100%Pure & Natural

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