Pure Organio Organic Black Cardamom Badi Elaichi – Non-GMO an Gluten FreeSun Dried Indian Spice (100 Gm)

Price: ₹495.00 - ₹299.00
(as of Dec 01,2021 13:28:11 UTC – Details)

IMPROVE YOUR COOKING – If you’re looking to bring a new flavor into your kitchen, black cardamom seeds are the perfect addition.The spice is best suited for long-cooked, hearty dishes, like meat stews, pairs well with lime juice, which helps to cut the strong flavor and give your favorite dishes the mouthwatering taste you’ve never tasted before.
FRESH BREATH LIKE NEVER BEFORE – Have you ever tasted cardamom?Refresh your breath with this widely used mouth freshenerand improve your poordigestive aid that is also good for your teeth with simply chewing on the seeds so it will eliminate any bad odors coming from your mouth.
GREAT FOR COSMETIC USES – There are a number of ways this spice can be used. The oil extracted from the seeds of the herb is known as one of the most effective essential oils and is widely used in aromatherapy. From helping your health to making your hair shiny and beautiful.
AMAZING TASTE – Black cardamom is a small herb with strong aromatic fragrancesIf you cook rice, put some grains in it whole and you’ll get a special flavoured rice. You can use milk rice with it, and also add the cardamom herb to curries, stew, fish and more, provides a savory, flavorful taste.

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