The Vedik Shop Natural Coconut Sugar (Sugar Substitute) 500 Gram

Price: ₹459.00 - ₹379.00
(as of Dec 01,2021 13:23:47 UTC – Details)

The Vedik Shop believe in providing nutrition that truly cares about you. Our purpose is to nourish people and we are committed towards the quality of the product you eat. It acts as a delicious alternative to regular sulphured sugar.
Our 100% Natural Coconut Sugar is derived from the nectar of flowers that grow on coconut trees. Because it is organic, it is able to retain many of the nutrients that other coconut products contain. This unrefined sweetener option will help you tame your sweet tooth without feeling guilty.
Our packaging is not only clever and beautiful but easily reusable making it better than most of the plastic packaging that gets thrown after single use.
“Thank you for choosing The Vedik Shop.”
LOW ON THE GLYCEMIC INDEX:- It doesn’t raise your blood sugar as quickly as refined sugars do, so you can have the sweetness of sugar in naturally sweet coconut sugar without the associated insulin spike.
MILD CARAMEL FLAVOUR:- It is naturally flavoured and has a subtle caramel-like taste that offers a unique variation from refined sugars. It is comparable to brown and cane sugar in taste. It is delicious in your morning cup of coffee or tea, or in your bowl of oatmeal or cereal.
UNREFINED FOR BAKING & COOKING:- Cookies, cakes, muffins, brownies, pancakes, and many other foods can be sweetened with our premium Coconut Sugar for a better alternative to granulated sugar.

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