THIRD CULTURE Specialty Coffee Beans – Turkish Blend | Kalledevapura Estate 100% Arabica Coffee (Dark Roast) – 250 GM (Aeropress)

Price: ₹500.00 - ₹450.00
(as of Dec 01,2021 11:56:10 UTC – Details)

Product Description





Roast Level




Medium to Dark




Preservatives or Added Flavors

Tasting Notes

Dark Cocoa, Molasses

Milk Chocolate, Caramel, Berry

Milk Chocolate, Jaggery

Cocoa, Toasted nuts & Caramel

Cocoa,Toasted nuts,Blackrasins

Milk chocolate, stone fruits

Milk chocolate, stone fruits

Goes Great With

Milk & Cane Sugar

Milk & Cane Sugar

Milk & Date Syrup

Milk, Jaggery & Cane Sugar

Condensed Milk,Cane Sugar,Milk

Ready to Drink, Dash of milk

Milk, Date Syrup, Coffee shot


Speciality Arabica & Robusta

Speciality 100% Arabica

Speciality 100% Arabica

Arabica, Robusta & Chicory

Speciality Arabica & Robusta

100% Speciality Arabica

100% Speciality Arabica

Coffee Strength








Prefer your Coffee BLACK!

Love your Coffee with Milk!



About the Startup

Founder 1Founder 1

Radhikka Kapur


Founder 2Founder 2

Sandeep Kini


Describe your products in 3 words.

Healthy, Natural, Delicious

How did you come up with the idea for this product?

Radhikka Kapur and Sandeep Kini founded Third Culture to bring people together through delicious, nutritious beverages, by celebrating diversity and inclusion. They believe that diversity in flavor, in opinion, and in expression make our world a better place. ​

The journey started when Radhikka was confronted with a personal health challenge. The journey to discovering a solution for a problem that we all face in the modern world today where convenience is equated to highly processed and unhealthy food, drove her to create a solution that tackled the beverage aspect holistically through Third Culture beverages.

The company is built on the pillars of Health, Diversity & Sustainability​

The mission of the company is to provide delicious, nutritious beverages that celebrate the diversity of cultures and are good for us.​

Radhikka is a Third Culture kid herself, having lived and worked across India, Australia & United States. She is a brand & strategy expert & was part of the Microsoft Surface founding team that built the business from its initial launch to the billion-dollar business it is today. She is a coffee roaster and is well regarded in the specialty coffee and food industry. A strong advocate for equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion & clean eating, she has spoken at events and conferences and her articles have been published across various publications.

Sandeep was employee #30 at Convoy and early Uber, helping the companies scale quickly to become leaders in their respective industries.

We’re excited to share a world of flavors and health with you.

Drink Up!

What makes your product special?

A drink is only as good as the ingredients that goes into making it

Responsibly & thoughtfully sourced

We are proud to source our coffee directly from Kalledevarapura Estate, situated at an altitude of around 4400 feet above sea level. The estate follows stringent practices to pick out the ripest of berries at the right time.

Supporting local farmers and business

We believe in sourcing the best of local ingredients, from farms directly, whether it is our coffee, tea’s or even the lemon, ginger or turmeric that we need for our Sparkling beverages.

Our Ready to drink beverages are precision brewed for optimum flavour extraction and nutrition. Sparkling beverages are brewed for 4-5 days, dependent on the weather & Coffee for a minimum 16 hours to bring out the natural flavours of the coffee

Our coffee, tea, concentrates & Ready to drink beverages are then packaged hygenically and professionally in recycled glass bottles or plastic free recylable packaging , to retain maximum freshness and flavor. We heavily encourage recycling and appreciate your support in our effort.

All this planning and effort so that you can enjoy a cup of delicious, perfectly balanced, Good For You , coffee tea or sparkling beverages

What has been the best part of your experience?

Satisfied Customers.

At Third Culture we believe in celebrating diversity & bringing the World Together………….One Sip at a Time

Roast: Dark
Flavor Notes: Try this blend to go down a cultural trip of coffee to Turkey and to taste a cup rich with notes of dark cocoa and molasses
Brewing Recommendations: Works great for Espresso based drinks, Vietnamese Phin, Indian Filter Drip, Moka Pot, French Press & Drip
Goes great with: By Itself, Whole Milk (Cow or Plant Based ) and/or Organic Cane Sugar, Date Syrup

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